Greetings and Salutations!

I'm Tiberius Stormwind from Draconia. Its cities have stood for over 700 years and at the center: House Storm- wind. My family has ruled for over eight generations. For house and home we face any evil that threatens our people. I, along with my kin Faeryn, Jerahd, and Drakkia, answer the call of our kingdom. For we are

Draconian Knights!


The quest is simple: use the diverse skills of the Draconian Knights to sabotage your opponents, strengthen your army,

and gather the complete Stormwind family to

defend the kingdom!

The Family

The Rules


Be the first player to assemble the Stormwind family to form the Draconian Knights:

  • Tiberius
  • Faeryn
  • Jerahd
  • Drakkia
  • Kruvanis
  • Penelope


Deal 6 cards to each player and place the rest in the center as a Draw Pile. Beside it will be the Graveyard where you place any played, sacrificed, or discarded cards. If you have a die available (preferably a d20) roll for initiative. Play in initiative order, NOT around the table. If no die is present, go in order of age from oldest to youngest.

Round of Play

Each round a player may take 1 Minor Action and 1 Major Action, or 2 Minor Actions. A Minor Action consists of picking up a card from the Draw Pile or playing the Bonus Action card. A Major Action is sacrificing any Stormwind and performing the listed effect or playing the Call to Arms card. Annihilation is effective immediately and ends your turn when drawn. Dispel Magic is a Free Action. If you run out of cards in the Draw Pile, shuffle the Graveyard and make that the new Draw Pile.

Winning the Game

Be the first player to collect every Stormwind and lay them in front of you as a Major Action. They must be laid down as a family, not one at a time.

The Game

Meet the Creators

Stephen Hayward

Orion Acaba

World of Draconia Creator

Stephen Hayward

Stephen Hayward

Game Creator

Stephen is the creator of Casting Call: The Card Game. He came up with the concept, rules, and game play.


Stephen is an amateur magician, balloon artist and juggler. He is an avid table top game fan and spends most nights playing games with friends. He is also a local performer for many local theatre groups.

Erin Murphy

Erin Carico

Game Designer

Erin is the designer of Casting Call: The Card Game. She designed the cards using Andy Lee's and her own art.


Otherwise, Erin runs her own freelance graphic design business and performs with her local community theaters including musicals, straight plays, interactive murder mysteries, and even as a princess at children’s parties.

Stephen really got into tabletop gaming when he discovered Wil Wheaton's TableTop show on Geek and Sundry. His game collection quickly grew. One day as he was driving for his "real job" he was hit with a concept of a simple, fun, fast paced game. He wanted to combine his two passions, table top gaming and theatre. Thus Casting Call: The Card Game Broadway was born.

He worked with his insanely talented artist, graphic designer, friend, and fellow performer Erin Carico to design the cards and bring his dream to life. Now Stephen and Erin are hard at work coming up with other versions and expansions to bring the the Casting Call family in the future. We hope you enjoy playing this game as much as we do. DFW, this is for you.

Photos of Stephen and Erin by Brian Marrs

For house and home we face any evil that threatens our people. We answer the call of our kingdom. For we are Draconian Knights!

# of Players

2-8 Players


Recommended for ages 8+

Play Time

15-60 minutes

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